December 2020 : New release PepS Version 7.1


Editpipe Version 10.1

Download Editpipe Enhancements pdf


 Changes in Editpipe Manager :

Improvement of the stress report generator process: new tool to display the available keywords, inject them in the template, and preview the tables. New keywords were introduced to display nodes, elements, operability criteria, user defined local axes (elements and nodes). A new syntax allows to print only one report from the PIPESTRESS result files (e.g. the report of SIF values).


 Changes in Editpipe :


Option to display results of automatically generated PIPESTRESS cases.

Option to display operating conditions for all cases on the same table.

Possibility to group equivalent data in the Data Lists.

New "Runs" and "Node Coordinate Systems" Data Lists.

Save filters with the Filter Manager.

Input File Edition

New custom editor for MATH and MATD cards.

The SOIL calculator has been made HDPE friendly.

POSTR input file can be associated to PIPESTRESS input file to get a better integration.

The Quick POSTR tool can be used to edit an already existing POSTR input file.

A tree view is available for POSTR input file.

 Interaction between View and Input File

New option to open PIPESTRESS model in split view.

New options to automatically update the view: when saving the input file, when editing a card, when typing or only on demand.

Redesign of the Error and Warnings window and significant increase of the input error detections.


PIPESTRESS Version 4.1.0

Download PIPESTRESS Enhancements (pdf)


New Code Editions (B31.1 Ed.2018, ASME III Ed.2019, B31.3 Ed.2018, RCC-M Ed.2018).

Dynamic susceptibility.

Steam tables: the most recent and precise formulations for water and steam properties have been programmed.

Increased limits.

Implementation of R.G. 1.207 Rev.1.

Calculations of displacements, rotations and accelerations in user-defined local coordinates system (DLCS card).

New values of option BR in the TITL card: BR=3 and BR=4.

 True mixed class calculations.

New feature for enabling/disabling stress post-processing according to the load case (STON/STOF).

New field HR in the TITL card for Highest Stress reports.

New parameter for the modal extraction algorithm.

Enhancements in POSTR.

Enhancements in COMPPS.

Correction of Errors and Implementation of Minor Enhancements.




December 2020 : New release BEAMSTRESS Version 2.0.0 (description in French)


Download BEAMSTRESS Enhancements (pdf)



 Version multilingue français et anglais.

  Nouvelle interface entre BEAMSTRESS et PIPESTRESS. Possibilité de récupérer des torseurs en un support d'une analyse de flexibilité PIPESTRESS et de les transférer au modèle BEAMSTRESS. Définition des données en 3 étapes: association avec le modèle PIPESTRESS via le restart file, liens d'association entre supports PIPESTRESS et noeuds BEAMSTRESS, chargements de type "PIPESTRESS Link" et récupération des torseurs depuis PIPESTRESS.

 Nouvelles fonctionnalités de calculs d'ancrages: calculs des ancrages suivant Eurocode 2 (EN 1992-4 Edition 2018); prise en compte de 16 configurations d'implantation des ancrages pour les platines 4 trous, et de 8 pour les platines 2 trous, en fonction des zones de perçage, en plus de la position nominale; nouvelle fenêtre de saisie des platines d'ancrage permettant notamment de modéliser l'excentrement entre centre section et centre platine, possibilité de définir 4 bords libres, informations de cisaillement et de mortier, notion de régularité et de quasi-régularité.

 Implémentation de l'Edition 2017 de la norme EN13480: nouvelle condition de vérification ("Faulted condition"), nouvelle vérification des soudures avec introduction de la notion d'inspection de soudures, nouvelle vérification des boulons.

 Améliorations de l'ergonomie.

 Amélioration du rapport.

 Renforcement de la qualité: rédaction d'un Quality Assurance Program (QAP), et rédaction d'un Verification and Validation Report (VVR).



June 2017 :  DST Computer Services becomes part of Hexagon PPM

Hexagon PPM is the leading global provider of engineering software for the design, construction and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities.

The analysis solutions currently offered through Hexagon PPM’s CADWorx & Analysis Solutions business provides powerful, yet scalable, solutions to thousands of global companies of all sizes.

DST's customers will benefit from Hexagon PPM’s strength and stability and its global product development and support capabilities.